So here’s the deal… there’s no playbook for life. You’ve probably figured that out by now. Each one of us has to create our own playbook for the life we want. First, we have to decide what does the life we want look like next week, next month, next year? Then, we have to figure out what tools we have available to make that life happen. It’s all possible if you are willing to do the work, build your toolbox and show up.

That’s what this website is all about – providing tools to teens and young adults with disabilities and chronic health conditions. It doesn’t matter if you have a learning difference, a rare disease, a mental health issue, or a physical disability – there’s something here for you that will help navigate the challenges you are facing right now and prepare for the awesomeness that could be your future. We assembled a crew of professionals, advocates, family members, teens and young adults who are constantly scoping out resources and information about six areas related to planning for life now, after high school and beyond. These key areas are advocacy, employment, education, finances, healthcare & leadership.

Advocacy– Being an effective self-advocate can be the difference between just surviving and living a life where you a thriving. Speak up for yourself, make informed decisions, and learn about your rights and responsibilities.

Employment– Having a job provides you with freedom and independence. Learn how to search for a job that is right for you and plan for the future.

Education– Middle school, high school or beyond? Use these resources to learn how to ask for information in a way that you understand it, know your educational rights and become a problem solver.

Finances So you want to be more independent? The first step is managing your finances. Learn about managing your living expenses, healthcare costs and how to budget for the life you want to live.

Healthcare– Make the transition from pediatrics to adult care a smooth one. Here you will find tools and information on managing your appointments, medications, insurance and more.

Leadership – Leadership is a verb, not a noun and it occurs in all areas of life. You need to be a leader to carve your own path and make the connections you need to be successful.

This site will provide opportunities to connect with others:

Visit the Ask a Youth page to see what questions teens and young adults have been asking. Submit a question of your own. Our team of young people will weigh in and share their personal thoughts and experiences with you.

Check out our Galleries to see how youth in NH are expressing their journeys, experiences, hopes and fears. Feel free to submit your artwork and creative projects if you are overt he age of 14.

Get social by linking to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages or just read the feeds on this site – they are all updated realtime.

Got the itch to take action? Get involved in advocacy and leadership by joining the YEAH Council.

If you have questions or concerns about this website, or know of other valuable resources that you’d like to see included please contact us.

One last thing, this site exists thanks to the collaborative efforts of NH Family Voices and the Parent Information Center of NH. They believe in dreams, our future and giving us the funds to run this site!

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