Make the transition from pediatric to adult care a smooth one. Here you will find tools and information on managing your appointments, medications, insurance and more.

levelup How to get started when you want to manage your healthcare
Are you ready to start managing your healthcare? Use the 
Level Up resources to see where you are at and if you are ready to Level Up in your journey to independence!
medsmgt Managing your medications
Find out how to take control of your health by knowing when and how to renew prescriptions, what the stuff on the bottle means and more. medication management
medreminders Medication reminder tools
Now you know all about your meds but you have to remember to take them… how? Find the best tool that works for you with this guide.
Medication Reminders Flyer
healthins Understanding health insurance
Health insurance can be confusing – for EVERYONE! But learning about it is another step in your path to becoming truly independent and managing your healthcare. Here are the basics on what you need to know to get started and what questions to ask. Health Insurance
healthinfo Managing your health information
What health information do you need to know in an emergency and how can you get it? What information should be shared and what should be protected? Find out here. Health Information
managingappts Managing your appointments
Managing your appointments is the first step to healthcare independence. This two sided card is a quick start reference on how to get started. Appointment Management
healthtransition Health insurance and self care checklist
This checklist provides information and resources about health insurance coverage, self-care, health care transition, decision-making, and career planning and management. Provided by the
 Alliance with the Youth Transitions Collaborative, Got Transition/Center for Health Care Transition Improvement, and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy.
healthcareresources1 Taking care of yourself
A natural part of growing up and moving on includes becoming responsible for your health care. Whether you attend college or work, live alone or with someone else, being as healthy as possible means knowing your own body and how you stay well. taking-charge-what-do-you-know-fully-updated
healthcareresources3 Working with parents and guardians
Want to work with your parents or guardian on this transition? Give them this helpful pamphlet entitled growing up to start your journey together.
healthcareresources2 Health info for girls only!
This website covers just about everything a girl needs to take charge of her emotional and physical health. Check out 
healthcareresources4 Health info for teens and young adults only!
This site has health info for teens and young adults on a wide variety of topics including chronic illness, mental health, sexual health and substance abuse. Check out
healthcareresources5 A variety of healthcare transition resources
Did you know that 18 million U.S. adolescents, ages 18–21, are moving into adulthood and will need to transition from pediatric to adult-centered health care? This site has them in mind and provides extensive resources for transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare. Visit 
healthcareresources6 Real reports by youth for youth on healthcare transition
Read about the experiences of other young adults with their healthcare transition. Topics include
How to Work with Personal Care Assistants, Communicating With Your Doctor, Your Rights at the Doctor’s Office , Keeping a Health Diary , and much more! Visit to see it all.
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